THIS IS IT OUR FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR....’it’s showtime!’ ????????

On Saturday 2nd December, Landau Forte Sixth form dressing rooms will be open from 4:00pm. All pupils are to arrive with hair and make done, including Glitter. Pupils are to remain backstage and dressed in their first costume at least 45 minutes before the show starts at 6pm.
Normal classes on this day will be cancelled and a replacement class will be put in place.

Can I please remind you all that the show audience will be arriving from 5:00pm and that the main reception area and bar area will be packed with people and do not want any kids getting lost, hurt or drinks/food spilt on them. I know when there’s a large area kids love to just run wild and I know they will be excited so can you please make sure they are calm and to remain backstage.
If you are needing to leave your dressing rooms at anytime please make sure you have your costume covered up with your ALSOD jacket or onesie.
Nobody is to go upstairs in the sixth form so if you do see anyone upstairs can you please escort them straight to their dressing rooms. I will have these areas blocked off but as we know there’s always one! ????

(Anyone needing hair braided, I will be in sports centre on Friday 1st from 5:00-8:30 for anyone needing hair done the night before, if you’d rather have it done on the day then please can you arrange for someone to do your hair as I will be out of action)

Normal Saturday dance Classes will be cancelled on Saturday 2nd Dec as the girls will have a long weekend.

Costumes can be left over night, providing that your dressing rooms are left tidy and all your costumes are set up ready for Sunday.

On Sunday 3rd Dec, dressing rooms will be open at 11:00am, pupils again are to be ready at least 45 minutes before the show starts at 1pm. Same instructions regarding remaining in your dressing rooms and covering up of costumes etc.

The first show will finish at approx 3:30/4:00pm. This will allow time for all pupils to get changed out of their finale costumes and into normal dance wear, fed and watered!
The final show will start at 6:00 so I will need everyone back stage and ready by no later than 5:30.

The show will be recorded on both Sunday performances. I always use the final show recording as it always turns out to be the best performance. DVDS will be available for Christmas.


1. Please ensure you have all your costumes labelled and keep them neat and tidy. There are a lot of quick changes so you will need to doubly and triple check after each performance you have everything

2. No eating in the changing room and also in costumes. please use the canteen provided

3. Before leaving and to save me spending hours cleaning up after the shows, can you please make sure all rubbish is put in the bins provided and any hair grips or pins are picked up off the floor.

4. If your leaving the dressing rooms please have your costumes covered up at all times

5. Please refrain your child/children from running around the building and keep the noise level to a minimum especially during show.

6. parents and dancers that are not due to be on stage are to remain in their dressing rooms during the show. the main stage entrance doors and prop area need to be as clear as possible due to health and safety. For twinkle toes, one of our runners will collect and bring them back to you when they are due to be on stage.

7. Work as a team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

8. Finally have the best time! Take lots of pictures! Best of luck everyone, let’s make this show the best on to date!

Miss Aimee x